Essay on Strategies For Dealing With Students With Behavioral Issues

Essay on Strategies For Dealing With Students With Behavioral Issues

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1. Based on what you read in the text and viewed in the modules, what do you believe are some effective strategies for dealing with students with behavioral issues? Please be specific to information from the modules and the text. Show me what you have learned!
Absolutely! In the Iris Center module titled “Addressing Disruptive and Noncompliant Behaviors (Part 1): Understanding the Acting-Out Cycle” there are very specific examples of effective strategies.

These include:

Having a well thought-out comprehensive behavior management plan, and well- designed lesson plans, which addresses the various learning styles of the students in the class and gets all the students engaged in the learning activity.

“Use effective teaching behaviors” such as: “Begin instruction promptly, have all materials ready and within reach, gain students’ attention, provide advance organizers, give specific praise for academic and behavioral responses.”

Where needed, use secondary interventions such as “social skills training.”

We need to identify where the student is with respect to the “acting-out cycle” so we can recognize the characteristics and know what strategies to use. Since we can’t know everything that happens out of class, we need to be able to quickly identify that a student may have been “triggered” by something before, after, or during class, so that the “acting out cycle” can be interrupted early while the behavior is “less-serious.”

In the text book: At the school level, a properly executed “positive behavioral interventions and supports (PBIS) program should be implemented using the “PBIS Pyramid model” addressing Primary (for all students: “prevention, effective for 80 – 90% of students”), Secondary “focused on At-risk student...

... middle of paper ...

...udent with an
intellectual disability was suspended for failing a science test.” The discipline does not make
any sense, and would not be appropriate. In fact, it would do harm to the student’s sense of

8) What are the three types of restraint?
Physical: Students are “immobilized by reducing the ability to move their torso, arms,
legs, or head freely.” For example, a strait jacket which immobilizes movement of the
Mechanical: Students are “immobilized using some type of device, or equipment, that
restricts freedom of movement.” For example: stretchers with belts to strap down a
person, like those used in an ambulance, to prevent movement which reduces damage
to injuries sustained in a car crash.
Chemical: Using medication to control behavior or restrict freedom of movement.
For example: Valium and Xanax.

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