The Strategic Use Of Rhetorical Appeals Essay

The Strategic Use Of Rhetorical Appeals Essay

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Understanding the Strategic Use of Rhetorical Appeals
As President of the United States, one has to be able to inform the nation on news, ideas, and plans that will be or have happened. To do this, one has to appeal to U.S. citizens on a wide political scale for them to stand by their side or support them on a particular issue. Barack Obama appealed to the nation with his use of pathos and ethos on a large scale when addressing the nation with his speech on ending the war in Iraq by informing the country of his plans and how he would accomplish those plans.
Barack wisely uses the rhetorical appeal of pathos when speaking to his audience. Although his speech was to inform the nation, he is directly speaking to a particular audience, the families of people in the military and the people in the armed forces. He appeals to them by starting off with his acknowledgement of the people serving and by sympathizing with them and their families. “I also want to acknowledge all of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines…You have endured tour after tour…You have known the dangers of combat and the lonely distance of loved ones… (Responsibly Ending the War in Iraq, 2009).” He wants to zone in on this particular audience because his speech is affecting them more so than other citizens of America. By identifying and empathizing with this specific group, he is making himself seem more inviting and making this group more interested in what he has to say. He is also capturing their attention and making himself more favorable to them and to his plan of action. Likewise, by using words such as “we” and “us” throughout his speech, he is in part making it seem as if he is talking to each citizen individually and more personal (Responsibly Ending the ...

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...’s not only put his own time, but the time of people who have been in the political and war scene’s time into this plan as well and has people assisting him.
Throughout Obama’s speech on ending the war in Iraq, he conveys his message across by using the appeals of ethos and pathos in significant ways to make citizens more eager to listen and to help make himself more favorable to the American people on this issue. He knows the importance of trying to gain popularity amongst the nation especially as a new President and when dealing with an important topic such as this. By means of using rhetorical appeals in his speech, he was able to connect with a vast number of citizens across a large scale of opinions and background. Using these techniques in speeches and addresses helps him gain support and helps his message easily understood and absorbed into those who listen.

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