Strategic Strategy Of Joint Operations Essay

Strategic Strategy Of Joint Operations Essay

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The concept of executing joint operation goes way back to the ancient era, when armies and navies work hand-in-hand during their operations on the coast. Naval vessels were often used for transporting troops during distant expeditions as to increase military operational efficiency. The joint operations involving the Army, Navy and Air Force have the advantages to provide complementary capabilities and offer greater flexibility. Hence, more options can be explored in the deployment of subordinate forces and easier to exploit enemy’s vulnerabilities by deploying different resources depending on the current situation. Due to the ever changing nature of global threats in terms of military context, changes in military organizational structure and application of the different types of warfare must be made to ensure tactical strategies against such threats are kept current. In logical sense, the advantages of joint warfare are best optimised by commanding a joint service instead of integrating different services. However, creating a joint service is easier said than done. Integrating different services shall continue in planning and executing of joint operations as the disadvantages of creating a joint service outweigh its advantages.
“It will be an advantage in having doctrines of the three Services harmonized under a common system so that the commanders and staff officers in all the Services learn from the beginning to speak one language and work in complete harmony.” quoted by Dr Goh Keng Swee, the Defence Minister then in year 1970. Indeed, a joint Service may ultimately be the military organization which best optimise the advantages of joint operations. However, the road to create “a joint service” is no mean feat, one great challen...

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...ed their assistance in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief operations. Singapore is no exception when she participated the recent operations involving earthquake at Nepal and forest fires in Sumatra.

The advantages to deploy assets with complementary capabilities and greater flexibility in offering more options in joint operations indeed are deciding factors in winning a war. However, the existing operating languages among the Services, difference in their operating standards and the needs to defend against the current threat environment have clearly questions the existence of a joint Service to optimize the advantages of joint operations against the current architecture of integrating different Services. As the disadvantages outweigh the advantages of a joint Service in planning and execute joint operations, integrating different Services shall be continued.

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