Strategic Planning : Strategic Management Process Essay

Strategic Planning : Strategic Management Process Essay

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Strategic management process is neither a clean nor a linear, but a systematic process that requires hardworking and commitment in an organization. Most people in an organization should involve in the process to move it towards the strategic goal. Thus, strategic management identify and make the necessary changes and measures the organization’s performance while it moves towards its vision. Prior to strategic planning, pre-planning activities should be applied, including the close attention to the stakeholders’ needs and the support it requires while deciding to implement strategic planning. After pre-planning activities, the next step is the strategic planning process. Strategic planning, therefore, is the first step towards the strategic management which includes the developing the organization’s mission, vision, and values, creating SWOT analysis, identifying competitive advantage, implementing action plan, and measuring the outcomes using strategic measurements.
During the first step of the strategic planning processes, an organization should create, a vision, develop a set of guiding principles, clarify the mission, and core values. Hence, values, mission, and vision are the strategic intents that signal the future of the organization’s ambition. Clearly identified strategic intents, do not have conflicting priorities, favor material and human resources, and yield smooth decision-making processes. After strategic intents are created effectively, the next step should be identifying the internal and external environmental factors of an organization.
SWOT analysis is a tool that provides a better understanding of the strategic situation of an organization either internally or externally. In SWOT analysis, an organization can id...

... middle of paper ... information technology. Third, we go for the action plan establishing our strategic priorities, goals, objectives, and activities with their measurement tools. After we have done our action plans, we implement the service, monitor, and evaluate its performance.
In conclusion, expanding healthcare services need time, money, and personnel commitment to fully functioned the newly implemented services. Prior to implementation, an organization should clearly identify and analysis the importance of adding products/services to the strategic management plan. Hence, in our organization, we identified, and analyzed the importance of personal health record, and decided to implement the service.
Stephen, L. W. (2014). Strategic healthcare management: Planning and execution. Chicago, IL: Health Administration Press.

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