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Strategic Planning For The European Union Essays

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When the Single Market was created by the European Union in 1993, the United Kingdom, alongside its fellow member countries, were introduced to the four freedoms. These four freedoms are the movement of goods, services, people and capital without restriction between those countries who are members of the European union. However, with the result of the European referendum in the UK meaning we will in the near future be leaving the European Union, companies within the UK must now look at what this means for their business, not just financially, but also politically and socially. Strategic planning such as globalisation and industrialisation may be affected and the means by which a company trades and manufactures its goods could also change dramatically. On Thursday, June 23rd 2016, the United Kingdom cast a majority vote to leave the European Union. Affectionately known as BREXIT, this means that once put in place, the United Kingdom will no longer be an EU member state and therefore will not have the access to the single market as it once did. Although there is a possibility that the UK can still have access to the single market, nothing has of yet been set in place. Not having access to the single market means that the UK wouldn’t be able to trade within the EU without paying tariffs on the goods they import and export. For a company based in the UK, this could be very costly. It may stutter international growth, and raise exportation costs to an all-time high. It may however be beneficial, as the UK can make its own trade deals without EU restrictions.
Globalization is a common goal for most businesses across the world. Globalization is the movement of products, people, companies, money and information from one country to anothe...

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...of international trade deals is not going to cease as there are many developing trade countries who will be willing to buy and sell goods in order to advance in the current trade market themselves.
In conclusion, although BREXIT and the loss of the free movement of goods will change the five-year strategic plan of a UK company, there are ways in which these companies can still thrive internationally. BREXIT will make trading within the EU possibly more expensive for UK companies, and they may be met with slight disdain after they chose to leave. However, the UK is one of the biggest economic powers in the world, and has many solid trade relations that will not just disappear. The need of other countries to advance themselves industrially and technically also means that UK companies will more than likely still see many trade deals for goods globally emerge and grow.

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