Strategic Planning For Planning And Designing A Fitting Strategy Essay

Strategic Planning For Planning And Designing A Fitting Strategy Essay

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There is no doubt strategy development is a tough and timely process, however, the strategy implementation across the organisation is considered even more problematic and challenging. No business strategy can be succeeded without effective execution. In the real market, the majority of managers are more informed and experienced for the strategy development other than strategy execution. This essay addresses some of the key challenges and barriers of strategy implementation.

Most of the theories and recommendations which have been explained in the management literature are limited to the requirements for planning and designing a fitting strategy. During the time a long queue of models and techniques of planning has been demonstrated as managers’ choices and although the majority of managers understands the concept and knows how to use those theories effectively for planning but the main issue is related to the implementation not planning.
Strategic planning in organisations, started in 1950, quickly spread and became prevalent and popular in the 60s and 70s.Managers found that the answer of many problems is strategy. In the 60s, qualitative and quantitative models for strategy were developed. Early '80s, shareholder value and Porter models were known as the standard models. Late 80s was the emergence of the creation of strategic models focused on core competencies and focus on the market. The period of the early 90s was the early emergence of second-generation strategic planning models, which further emphasised and focused on the importance of organisation adoption with changes, flexibility, strategic thinking and organisational learning.

According to a study conducted by Fortune magazine...

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...anisation can help implementation is necessarily seen as potentially problematic. Making links between strategic objectives and daily goals is a challenging task. The greater number of people involved in this process, the firm will have the greater challenge for successful implementation.
There are several challenges and risks for effective implementation of the strategy that can completely lead to failure. Some of them need to be considered at the time of planning such as: the time required for implementation, the distinction between planning and execution, the lack of focus on implementation in formal training and the difficulties in thinking about planning and implementing simultaneously, were discussed in detail. Managers who are aware of these challenges are more likely to have a better plan and to be prepared to implement the strategy effectively.

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