Strategic Planning For A Business Development Committee Essay

Strategic Planning For A Business Development Committee Essay

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Strategic planning is used to ensure that organization’s actions relate to their mission and goals (Berman, 2006). My organization does do strategic planning on a yearly basis when each committee creates work plans that will be utilized for the year. One particular committee that is in need of strategic planning would be our business development committee. My organization runs a main street program and we have four committees each with different goals that work on programming. The business development committee is fairly new and has a weak membership. They do very little programming and have been known to fail following through with their approved work plans, which are some reasons why strategic planning would be useful. Strategic planning could be a tool to allow this committee to be more successful and create effective changes, which is needed currently since the committee is not very successful (Berman, 2006). The actors that would be involved for this committee would be all of the committee members, the Downtown Lansing Inc. board of directors, a representative from the Michigan Main Street program, and the DLI staff. The first step that would need to take place would be the pre-planning stage. During this stage, we would make sure that all of the necessary requirements for change exist and that there is adequate enthusiasm for strategic planning (Berman, 2006). We would also work to make sure that we have strong executive support which is essential for success, and we would have since our leaders are pushing for this change. During this stage, staff would discuss the need for change with the committee members to ensure that they are receptive to this change. The second stage would be the research phase. During this stage, the...

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...changes could be more frequent. Additionally, we do not backup data. We use quicken for our finance system, and this has never been backed up. If data were to be lost, it would cause huge issues with stakeholders in my organization. Another area for improvement includes employee data protection. Timecards identify employees by social security numbers and these are emailed to Human Resources. A breach in this data would cause employee data to be sacrificed so I would advocate for employee ID’s instead of social security numbers. Additionally, timecards are stored in file cabinets that are not locked. Anyone can access these in our office including janitorial staff. I would advocate for creating a more secure locked system for sensitive employee data. Additionally, encryption could be used for some of our more confidential files, include business recruitment packages.

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