Strategic Planning And Goal Setting Essay

Strategic Planning And Goal Setting Essay

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Entry 9: Strategic Planning and Goal-Setting
Without taking the time for a strategic plan and goal setting you very likely will end up down the wrong road. To be successful you need to form a clear well planned course of action. This course of action may change or be tweaked along the way. However, the foundation needs to be built to succeed.
Application: (How/when might you apply the concept?)
The application of developing a strategic plan and goals is by asking the right questions and having mutual engagement. The strategy involved in creating a plan is the best way to create a vision to share with others.
Outcomes: (What are the expected outcomes of employing this concept?)
The expected outcome is having a successful large-scale change. The vision achieved by strategic planning and goal setting will lead the way to the objective by painting the picture.
Opportunities: (What opportunities are identified or created by utilizing this concept?)
The opportunity is in not just creating a strategic plan or goals. It is in looking ahead and creating a vision to apply the work you have done from planning process. With the vision you can also gain the urgency and motivation needed to move forward.
Challenges: (What will be the greatest challenges to using the concept, and how will you overcome them?)
A challenge will be getting leadership to understand the importance of creating a vision in order for their strategic plan and goals to succeed. It is easy to get tied up in all the analytical reasons and documentation behind a strategic plan and goals. However, the shared vision needs to be concise and clear not a long drawn out explanation. I can see this being overcome by proper training and development of the management team.


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...rately strong culture is an area is something I need to find out more about. The learning process about company culture will continue on and develop over time.

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