Strategic Marketing Strategy Of Starbucks Essay

Strategic Marketing Strategy Of Starbucks Essay

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Starbucks is a major corporation that focus is on coffee beverages. In order to market effectively along with efficiently the right advertising method must be considered. A new advertisement will be presented and the means for its marketing will be examined. In order to keep the company profitable the pricing objective and strategy will be announced. Starbucks can use the strategy of integrate marketing communication to reach the maximum amount of consumers without spending the maximum amount of money.
Integrated Marketing Communication
Integrated marking communication (IMC) is an essential tool of strategic marketing. The IMC is a blend of all of the firm’s promotion efforts to reach the target customer (Cannon et al., 2015, p. 347). Figure 1.0 displays Starbucks new ad, which is targeted towards the holiday consumer. The holiday season can be overwhelming and hectic, but Starbucks reminds consumers not to forget about yourself and makes the consumer feel significant. It is important to remind consumers that in all of the hustle and bustle to not forget to enjoy yourself. The ad also works to promote the new seasonal flavors and it emphasizes our increased customer service. This is done by reminding customers that they are our number one priority through the line that every second is about them.

When it comes to implementing this ad in the market place there are two forms the can be used, which are traditional and nontraditional advertising channels. Traditional channels of advertising are the original forms of advertising and are a standard for marketers (, n.d., para. 1). Examples of this are direct mail, newspapers, magazines, telephone books, radio, and television ads. The demand for tradit...

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...recca, n.d., para. 7). Starbucks just like a restaurant is offering consumers beverages along with snack type food and therefore could also benefit from some type of happy hour.
Starbucks can implement the strategy of integrate marketing communication to reach the largest amount of consumers, well still staying within budget. This can be done by taking the newly generated ad and marketing it on both traditional and nontraditional advertising channels. To keep generating profits Starbucks must practice both pricing objectives and pricing strategies. These pricing strategies can aid Starbucks in creating revenue because they are commonly practiced in the market place and are often successful. Starbucks like many large corporations must take many different aspects into consideration before a simple decision like the launching of a new advertisement.

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