Strategic Marketing Pl Company Overview And Market Research Essay

Strategic Marketing Pl Company Overview And Market Research Essay

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Strategic Marketing Plan

Company Overview and Market Research
Overview of Company
Caninantics is a start-up company based in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in making pet food dispensing equipment and toys for the American market. The company is also planning on diversifying its market to include other canine care supplies and accessories, such as Bluetooth LE-enabled pet tracking device by the end of the year. The company has been in business for one year and after getting venture capital from various companies has planned to take on the market leaders and gain a substantial market share in the six months through commercialization of its major product, CaninFeeder.
The Product
CaninFeeder is a dog food dispenser which is manufactured using cutting-edge technology with emphasis on performance and functionality, total lifetime cost of the equipment and availability of spare parts. CaninFeeder is made to offer a more convenient way of feed pets while the owner is busy with household chores or away at work. It is also suitable for consumers who may have difficulty opening food cans. The product focuses on making the life of the dog owner simpler and less hectic. The product retails at $195 and features technology that reminds the owner to refill more food, processes the dietary requirements of the pet and custom-feeding scheduling.
Other Pertinent Issues
The company’s mission is to provide the American market with state-of-art programmable pet feeding equipment that is ideal for pets of all sizes. The company expects a market penetration rate of 16 percent due to the economic difficulties consumers are facing as well as stiff competition from companies, such as Nestle and Petmate. The company plans to venture into the Canadian and ...

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... beings. This has made more consumers get concerned with what their pets feed on and the equipment they eat from, whether the pets are overeating or getting a balanced diet, or whether they are being fed on time. These equipment also need to keep the food fresh and without oxygen. This provides the company a good environment to work on to provide consumers with products that meet their needs with regard to pets.
Technological Environment
The technological environment is characterized with internet and smart phones with enable the pet owners to track the health of their pets. Advances in technology have also made it easier for consumers to gain information about competing brands and evaluate them to choose the best. Technology has also advanced the distribution system as people order products via internet at the comfort of their living room.


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