Essay on Strategic Management Is A Non Stop Process Of Designing

Essay on Strategic Management Is A Non Stop Process Of Designing

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Ans.1: Strategic Management is a non-stop process of designing, checking, examining and calculating output of all that is necessary for a company to fulfil its aim and destination. The strategic management process includes employees from different areas within an association to work as a team. The association gets many choices from a team and move forward with the best choice. Strategic management is a long-term planning and helps the organization to expand and to improve its performance in the market. If the company has higher output than other organizations in the same market, then only it can give competition to its opponents. The strategic management commonly includes the proper use of strengths, minimize their company’s weaknesses, look upon the opportunities in the market and not to forget the dangers. Even the small firms, if have a strong strategies can give more competition in the market by becoming profitable.
Three reasons for why strategic management is important for organizations are as follows:
Firstly, the forces which internally effect the organization are known as internal forces. These forces consists of internal strengths and weaknesses. The weaknesses may arise in any area within an organization i.e. in finance, production, market research, efficiency, customer satisfaction and employees satisfaction. The better use of strengths is also very essential.
Secondly, nowadays due to the changing trends in the market, to make new strategic plans, long-term objectives, annual objectives are very essential for the organization to achieve their aims.
Thirdly, there are number of forces outside the organization which influence its performance, those forces are known as external forces. These forces include financial ...

... middle of paper ...

...e is company is well reputed having good financial condition and have strong objective which helps to satisfy their customers.
• With uptodate market research to know about the prices offer by competitors.
• Fully talented, dedicated employees performing well in every function.
• To give the best services to the customers, following up with them and to get a feedback from them.
• To motivate the employees to work as a team.
• Having a good sound system,good quality remix songs , lightning system, better decoration material, attractive coloured bhangra dresses.
d. Internal weaknesses are also within the organization and are controllable.
• No proper store to keep all the stuff.
• Few dhol performers, sometimes company say no to some clients.
• Transportation problems, as sometime the venue’s are very far.
• Don’t make new remix songs of today’s trend to perform.

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