Strategic Management, Compensations And Employment Concepts Essay

Strategic Management, Compensations And Employment Concepts Essay

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Managers have always understood how important interpersonal skills are to their effectiveness. Recognizing the importance of developing those same interpersonal skills is tied to the need for businesses to obtain and retain high-performance employees. Managers get things done. They also get things done through other people. Utilizing the concepts of organizational behavior is crucial to being an effective owner and manager. Understanding creativity, innovation, motivation, the strengths and weaknesses of employees, roles of management, and the different styles of leadership are all important functions of management. Also, a manager must understand the organization itself. The roles and responsibilities of top, middle and front-line management, to become a franchise or not, and the effects all leaders have on the different levels of planning are just a few more of the different scenarios a manger will find themselves involved with when coming to grips with the organizational behavior of their business.
Innovation, Creativity and Motivation
A manager may encounter a situation where an employee may raise a concern with another department, such customer service, within the firm. An effective manager will recognize and encourage creativity in an employee (Katz, 1974). Creativity involves the ability to generate original ideas or new ways of seeing existing procedures. Many managers face the challenge of motivating employees and are constantly seeking ways to encourage commitment from employees. In this case, the employees ideas should be listened to, and if found to be relevant, applied to the solution of the problem. By fostering creativity, and innovation in its employees a business can keep them motivate...

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...l part of the day to day struggle of management to steer the organization in the right direction. Organizational behavior offers both the challenges and opportunities for managers to gain that critical insight needed to run an effective organization.

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