The Stratagem Of Socrates : An Analysis Of What Makes Socrates An Intriguing Person?

The Stratagem Of Socrates : An Analysis Of What Makes Socrates An Intriguing Person?

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The Stratagem of Socrates
An Analysis of What Makes Socrates an Intriguing Person

What is the definite definition of justice? Cephalus would have argued it is paying what is owed. Polemarchus would have said it’s giving good to the good people and giving evil to your enemies. Thrasymachus would have said it’s nothing else than the interest of the stronger. Although Socrates would have said that justice is what gives you the advantage to be just and what gives you the disadvantage to be unjust. Socrates’ thinking in both Republic 1 and 2 is an eclectic representation of the ethical demands in ancient Athens, Socrates was deemed an intriguing man through his followers and is still one of the largest incendiaries of our time.

Observing first that Socrates never has a set mind nor does he ever have a set knowledge based system. Socrates is told that he is the wisest of all men by the Delphi Oracle. Only after that does he proceed with, “As for me all I know is that I know nothing. ” Plato, The Apology. Hildesheim: Olms, 1974. He’s had numerous arguments with some of the smartest and most talented men in Athens, although for some reason he always ends up on the higher bar. His interpretations of life and his answers to the most intimidating questions are astounding. His teachings have caused revolutions in philosophy, government, social science, practically any field you can think of. Yet Socrates says, very clearly, that he knows nothing. What about this is intriguing? It’s the fact that a man who is seemingly the most insightful man on the planet, calls himself stupid. Socrates doesn’t hold back when it comes to pointing out others ignorance. Like any true philosopher he isn’t decided about the ways of society or the laws i...

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...he democracy by the gods, and the democracy is a large, noble horse who is sluggish in its motions and requires to be stung into life.” Plato, The Apology. Hildesheim: Olms, 1974. Socrates encouraged divergence among people and thought, and that was probably the greatest gift he gave his students.

Socrates was one of the most influential thinkers of the 5th century. He dedicated himself to careful reasoning, which in turn transformed the entire idea of reasoning. He sought out knowledge instead of pride and wealth, and he called everything into question with strong determination. He was the first adequate man who made sense of the nature of things. Socrates was clearly the most puzzling and intriguing exponent of critical philosophy after all “And what, Socrates, is the food of the soul? Surely, I said, knowledge is the food of the soul.” Plato, Protagoras. 1976.

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