The Stranger Rape Scenario Analysis Essay

The Stranger Rape Scenario Analysis Essay

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The stranger rape scenario was about a women walking home after having coffee with her friends and a man just comes up to her and sexually assaults her. Study 1 concentrated on blameworthiness based on the scenario presented to the participants randomly; that being a scenario of acquaintance or stranger rape. Study 2 focused on sentence length for perpetrators recommended by participants based on type of rape. For both, study one and two they had used Likert scales to determine blameworthiness and sentence and to measure benevolent sexism in relation to study one and two. Based on the results, in Study 1 there was a significant negative correlation between acquaintance rape and benevolent sexism with regard to blameworthiness. In Study 2 those with higher benevolent sexism proposed longer sentences in stranger rape as opposed to acquaintance rape where they proposed shorter sentences. Another thing they found out from the results is that gender did not have any affect on blameworthiness or reduce the sentence. The results for Study 1 demonstrated that those who had had higher benevolent sexists views were less likely to blame those who did the sexual assaulting. This also related to Study 2 in which those with higher benevolence sexists views promoted less sentences to perpetrators that had committed sexual assault.
The following article was review of two films done by Leisenring, where she discusses the concept of sexual consent and how they are presented in each film. The first film she discusses about is an autobiographical documentary called, The Line, by Nancy Schwartzman, where this women describes her experience after being date raped by a coworker. She had been previously dumped by her boyfriend, thus ends up attendin...

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...volent sexism have demonstrated that there is a variety of forms that sexual consent is needed in order for sexual assault to be prevented from occurring. Also it demonstrated that sexual consent already being ambiguous does not help in establishing prevention of sexual assault, when the no is not clear, since it needs to be expressed both externally through verbal an nonverbal cues but also be internal consent from the person understanding that they are giving their affirmative consent. This is similar to the article about the films, where in Dr Brod’s lecture explained that not only the person giving consent needed to be aware of how they were giving but the one’s accepting it had to know how they got it. There is a need to understand that unless people start to gain knowledge about sexual consent, the situations will be misunderstood and sexual assault can happen.

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