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The Stranger in Oedipus Essay

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Murder, assault, and other forms of violence are widespread plagues that haunt modern society. In order to combat these relevant issues society has implemented different systems over the years. These systems have moved from a simple mindset to intricate organizations of jurisdiction and law. Violence appears not only in reality but, in novels and literary works alike. Albert Camus’ The Stranger depicts a modern system of justice; however, Sophocles Oedipus Rex portrays a simplistic system of justice. Society implements these to prevent the downfall of the human race. Society protects humanity from its own demise by condemning acts of violence. Acts of violence, weather brought on by anger as illustrated in Oedipus Rex or by environmental influences as demonstrated in The Stranger led to the downfall of society.
Society since the dawn of time implemented systems that protect humans, from their demise. Within the novel The Stranger, this theme is a main aspect for the development of the main character. Meursault brings his demise upon himself through carelessness about pivotal aspects in life, such as the death of his mother, as well as through acts of violence towards members of his community. Meursault has been handed a large burden right at the start of the novel with his mother’s death. “Maman died today. Or yesterday maybe, I don’t know.” (Camus 3). However, as one can clearly see he does not even remotely care about it as he cannot even remember the day she died. His mind has been let astray from a very important section is his life which will have major repercussions later. “’We put the cover on, but I am supposed to unscrew the casket so you can see her.’ ‘No’” (Camus 6). In order to further solidify Meursaults’ apparent l...

... middle of paper ... race; however one can also see that it has evolved over the years. In both cases each character brings their own downfall by committing acts of violence; however the way society handles each scenario is much different. With modern-day society it is impossible to hide from the truth however in earlier society it was easier but not certain. Another major aspect is that in today’s society the punishments are more vigorous as seen in The Stranger, then those portrayed in Oedipus Rex. It is clear though that society strives to protect its citizens from violence and protect the potential downfall

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