The Strange Persistence Of First Languages By Julie Sedivy Essay

The Strange Persistence Of First Languages By Julie Sedivy Essay

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The article The Strange Persistence of First Languages by Julie Sedivy was an intriguing and eye-opening piece of writing to read. The concepts she brought to life through her explicit writing revealed many things I had never heard of before. The further I read, the more I wanted to know and the deeper my interest became. As a monolingual, this article was insightful, captivating and ultimately provided me with a new perspective on language.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article mainly because I was raised in an English speaking home and that is the only language I am able to speak. Both of my parents are American citizens and only speak English. I am not certain to when my family immigrated to the United States, but I am sure it is fairly far down the line. All of my family and most of my friends only speak English so I have never heard anyone express what Sedivy did in her article. I will never be able to relate to this article like many bilingual people can, but I still think she brought out some great opinions and facts through this article.
I found it fascinating to see how after Sedivy and her family immigrated to the United States, she slowly began to lose her Czech customs. I thought that immigrating to a new country would affect a person and their native customs, but never realized how fast one’s customs would start to fade until reading this article. As a result of Sedivy being young when her family immigrated, she quickly started to adjust to the customs of her new culture and began to lose her native roots. “While my father was still alive, I was, like most young people, more intent on hurtling myself into my future than on tending my ancestral roots—and that included speaking the language of my new count...

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...any rules while speaking, but eventually it came back to her like she just needed a refresher on how to speak. This amazed me because I had no clue that someone could remember a language after years of not speaking it very often. That just shows you how complex the mind is and how wonderful language is.
Language is clearly a wonderfully complex system. It amazing me at how though language may be complex, a person’s brain can pick up a language they are fluent in even after year of not speaking it. I am extremely jealous and upset that I only know one language. I wish I was fluent in more than one language so that I would be able to relate to this article more. This article definitely has inspired me to want to learn another language. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article and getting to hear of someone else’s perspective on how language was affected them.

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