Strain Theory by Robert K Merton: Decriminalization of Prostitution Essay

Strain Theory by Robert K Merton: Decriminalization of Prostitution Essay

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Robert K Merton came up with “Strain Theory” in which he argued that although Deviance can be beneficial to a society- keeping the society in order, it could also promote inequality. In our society it’s more proper for a woman to be modest about her body, the moment she defies that norm she is considered Deviant. In order to encourage a decline of inequality groups will need the help in order to reach that goal. There are many organizations that help groups that experience oppression, HIPS is an organization that helps women in sex work to be more accepted into society as human.
In more detail, Robert K Merton’s Strain Theory is a concept in which society promotes certain norms and values, and yet provides unequal means of meeting or attaining these norms in order to be accepted by a society (Kimmel, 2012). In the United States, or possible most of western society- Promote modesty in women and their bodies. This goal is claimed by either abstinence- most know this route to be unlikely in today’s society, however one is still expected to be modest. Another route is only having sexual relations with someone whom they wish to spend the rest of their life with, even if the relationship fails. A woman must move on with a man whom is likely to care for her. This is considered to be the more appropriate norm in society for women. Find a relationship that is serious, that will possibly lead to marriage, and then children. Prostitutes clearly don’t follow this norm; they sell their bodies in the least modest of ways for a price. Not all women choose the life of a sex worker; many are forced at a young age whether the source is from abduction or the lack of family support
Child welfare systems do not properly help children who are being t...

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...ees them as deviant, and thus they are neglected their rights. The program is about breaking the cycle of incarceration of prostitutes. Until organizations like HIPS become more epidemic in society to promote decriminalization for prostitution, prostitutes will be continue to be treated like criminals instead of victims of abuse and rape.

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