The Straight Stanza And The Tone Of The Speaker Essay examples

The Straight Stanza And The Tone Of The Speaker Essay examples

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The turning point happens in the fourth stanza and the tone of the speaker changes. In first three stanzas, the feeling of the speaker is comfortable and calm while staying with death; but in the fourth stanza, she seems to become a little bit nervous. The closer she gets to the destination, the more nervous she seems to be. “The Dews drew quivering and chill-/For only Gossamer, my Gown-/My Tippet-only Tulle-” (Dickinson lines 14-16) After passing the speaker’s different stages of life, death and the speaker enter a strange place that is cold, wet and dark. The speaker complains that her clothes are unable to keep her away from the coldness and the dewdrop, which indicates that she is not brave enough to face her destination of the trip. Even though the speaker shows that she is not afraid of death, she still feels a little uncomfortable. However, when she finally arrives her destination of the trip, she seems recover her peace of mind.
The fifth and six stanzas are most meaningful stanzas in the poem. “We paused before a House that seems” (line17 Dickinson). In the third stanza, the speaker and death merely “passed” (lines 9,11,12) her lifetime on the trip, but they stop before an architecture now. The speed of the trip slows down, and the speaker sees her destination. “A Swelling of the Ground/The roof was scarcely-/The cornice in the ground-” (lines 18-20 Dickinson). According to this description, it is easy to infer that the architecture is a cemetery, which is the destination of the speaker and also her new house after she dies. “Since then-/Centuries-and yet/Feels shorter than the day” (Lines 21-22 Dickinson). To the speaker, it makes no difference, whether it is only one day or a thousand years because her body was dead an...

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...e natural cycle of the world. Dickinson’s view on death reflects Lao Tzu’s opinions of death, both of them believe that death is the most normal thing in the world and death is not the end of the life; and people ought to treat death as a friend instead of fearing death. Even though Woolf’s attitude to death is not as friendly as Dickinson’s, she also believes that human beings should not fear of death, which is same as Dickinson. A scientific experiment did by Ducan can also support Dickinson’s view on death; the experiment proves that all human beings have souls, and souls will not die with people 's physical body but will leave the body and attain the eternal life. In conclusion, human beings are destined to die, but human’s spirit is able to have the eternal life. Therefore, it is unnecessary to be fear of the death, but welcome it as a friend, when it is come.

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