The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Study Essay examples

The Stoty of Jonah: Bible Study Essay examples

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The people of Nineveh were living in evil, and Jonah was called to command them to repent [Jonah 1:2]. Furthermore, the citizens were governed by a King; moreover, the people repented to the Lord after Jonah’s warning [Jonah 3:6-10]. In addition, the book of Nahum is written almost entirely to address the people of Nineveh; Nahum prophesies that their wickedness, folly, and unrepentant lives will lead to destruction. Nineveh is described as a bloody city [3:1], and is repeatedly condemned for their practices of sexual immorality [3:4]. Lastly, Zephaniah 2:13 briefly foretells the future abbihulation of Nineveh. "Jonah son of Amittai” was an Israelite prophet from Gath Hepher; he lived under the rule of Jeroboam II [2 Kings 14:15-25]. He was called to travel to the Assyrian capital, Nineveh, and command them to repent of their wickedness [Jonah 1:2] Conversely, Jonah boarded a ship to travel Tarshish, fleeing from God’s request [1:3]. However, while at sea a great storm arose as a result of Jonah’s disobedience, and after being tossed overboard, was swallowed by a large fish [1:4-16]. Consequently, after being in the belly of the fish for 3 days, he repented; this led to a change in the prophets heart, and he was determined to do as the Lord had asked [1:17-2:10]. Therefore, he traveled to Nineveh, and proclaimed God’s call to repentance for all to hear [Chapter 3]. Additionally, in Matthew 12:39-40, Jesus says evil doers will receive the sign of Jonah. In verse 40 Jesus parallels his 3 day stay in “the heart of the earth” to Jonah’s 3 day experience in the belly of the fish.
Without a doubt, there are several similarities between Jonah and the rest of the Minor Prophets. After scanning through the book, I noticed they all contai...

... middle of paper ... to Matthew 18:23-35 [178]. Leslie reflects on the parallel, and states “Nineveh’s sin is confronted by the great love of God; Nineveh's repentance is met by the forgiveness of God, while misunderstanding of God’s forgiveness is challenged by a reasoned reprimand” (178).

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