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Story Of The Golden Snail Essay

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In a kingdom called Daha, there lived a wise king named Kertamarta. He lived with his two beautiful daughters, Galuh Ajeng and Candra Kirana, in his palace. Candra Kirana was happily engaged to Raden Inu Kertapati, prince of the Kahuripan Kingdom.
Raden Inu Kertapati was a handsome man with a kind heart. All the girls were swooning over him, including the sister of his fiancée. Galuh Ajeng had been fuming when Raden Inu Kertapati got engaged to her beloved sister. That traitor! Her jealousy got the better of her, and she planned on getting her prince charming back.
Galuh Ajeng’s jealousy grew the more she saw how happy those two lovebirds were. I’m the one who should be wrapped around his arms. I can love him more than her. He deserves me! She wanted to hurt her own sister so bad. After keeping her jealousy hidden for too long, she decided that enough was enough, so she went to a witch who lived in the kingdom.
“Oh, please, help me. I will give you whatever you want. I can give you all the wealth in the world if you would just help me get rid of the little pest I have for a sister!” cried Galuh Ajeng.
“What is it that you want me to do, your majesty?” the witch asked.
“I want you to do whatever you need to do to keep her away from me and Raden Inu’s life. Make her life miserable. Turn her into an animal. Just keep her away from me! I’ll make her leave the palace, so you can do your job easily,” Galuh Ajeng was satisfied with herself. Her sister deserved this. “Your payment will be sent here after she’s gone.”
As soon as she got back to the palace, she went straight to King Kertamarta’s room and said to him, “Father, forgive me, but your daughter, my sister, Candra Kirana tried to poison me! She wants to kill me, Father! Ple...

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... along with the old woman, came back to the Kingdom of Kertamarta. The princess explained to her father, King Kertamarta, and her fiancée what had happened and said that she does not blame her sister at all. Hearing this, Galuh Ajeng was overcome with guilt and shame that she ran away and never returned. King Kertamarta welcomed his daughter back home and asked for forgiveness. Candra Kirana kind-heartedly forgave her father.
A few months later, a big celebration was held for the marriage of Princess Candra Kirana and Raden Inu Kertapati. They ruled the Kingdom of Kahuripan together with great wisdom and brought prosperity to their people.
And they finally, after 2 years of searching for each other, lived happily ever after.

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