The Story Of Perpetua, A Christian Martyr And Blaudina Essay examples

The Story Of Perpetua, A Christian Martyr And Blaudina Essay examples

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The narrative that accompanies this image is similar to that of many other pictures representing Christian Martyrdom in the Ancient Roman arena. The young woman on the left, is a Christian Martyr who had been sentenced to death for treason against her Emperor. She refused to acknowledge him as divine and would not renounce her blasphemous religion when she was rounded up and questioned by the Romans, which is why she ended up in the arena facing certain death. This particular narrative is very similar to the story of Perpetua, another honoured Christian Martyr and Blaudina. These two women also went through what the character in the painting faced, and remained true to their causes, which also cost them their lives. Similarly to Perpetua the woman in the image is covered to upkeep her modesty, and she is also not visibly fighting the beast, but rather is looking calm and ready to be taken into the gates of heaven. As the sharp toothed, bloody mouthed beast is pouncing on the young martyr in the image, whose Christian cross is hanging off her neck, it is clear that she does not care about the arena, the Emperor or even the stands full people. She did not even care about the lion’s attack. The image shows that she only cared about her religion and fulfilling her duties to her god, and she succeeded in supporting him until her dying breathe. It is so clear that this image is intended to evoke an emotional response from its audience of sympathy and also a question of why this religion truly mean’t enough for this woman to give up her life, and die a gruesome death in order to uphold it.
The image that I have chosen to paint is a take on Damnatio ad Bestas, but more significantly it represents a typical image that would be created b...

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...rted their claims, and even exaggerated them to an extent. When thinking of this, it is clear to see that these authors and illustrators had a plan for what they were producing, and their efforts did pay off because, they aided with the spread of the Christian religion, and it could be said that they are a contributing reason that Christianity is currently one of the most practiced religions in the entire world. No one can truly know what was real and what was false about the exact details of Christian Martyrdom, and whether or not they were targeted and fed to lions, and it just went unrecorded. The fact is that because of evidence such as stories and paintings, such as the one I have created, this claim will continue to live on, and many people will never question its authenticity. Images do not always depict reality, no matter how convincing they may appear to be.

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