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The Story Of Maria Perez Essay

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Maria Perez was born on May 18, 1944 in Zacatecas, Mexico. She grew up in a farm name Santa Rita. She is the last middle child of four kids, and her parents own a farm. It was a small farm, but she loves it. Since she was five years old, she helped her parents by working in the farm. Her job was to feed the horses, cows, chickens, and pigs. She loves all her animals, but her favorite animal was horses. When she was young, she loved to ride her horses. She felt off the horse and hurt head when she was young. She said, “I’m thankful to the lord that I survive that hit.” She wasn’t a normal child when she was growing up because she would just work with her parents and not plays like other kids. She wanted to have a normal childhood, but she had to work with her parents. She described her father as manly but caring father. Her mother was caring, helpful, strict mother. She said that she thanks god for giving her good loving parents.(Perez, 12 Oct 2015)
Perez didn 't finish school. She left school when she was in fourth grade. She loved school, but she couldn 't continue because her parents couldn 't afford it. Her parents needed her to help them work in the farm. She would have loved to finish school, but it couldn 't happen. If she finished school and went to college, she would of major on something about agriculture or a veterinarian. When she turned 12 years old, she started cooking in the kitchen with her mother, but she still work in the farm keeping the animals fed. Her favorite part of the day was to being with her animals and not being in the kitchen cooking. She said cooking is not for her, and she just wanted to be with her animals and take care of her animals. She remembers when she told her mother that she didn’t want to ...

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...nd and her children will suffer psychological damage, and she will be basically an unhappy women.” Her opinion on this statement is that a women’s family wouldn’t suffer of psychological because women is not the only parent in a family. The father in the family should also be involved with their kids.
Today, she is still marry with her husband for 52 years now. She doesn 't work no more because her leg is hurt. In the weekends, she and her husband pick up bottles and cans together. She has her own little house with chickens but not horse. She wanted to get horse for her house, but the horses wouldn 't fit in her little house. She is really happy to finally her own home and worrying about rent. After living in the United States of America for 52 years, she has permission to be living here at the United States of America, and she can now go to Mexico visit her family.

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