The Story Of George Orwell 's ' Duck ' Essay

The Story Of George Orwell 's ' Duck ' Essay

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Like always, the transportation made Jimmy’s mind foggy and his stomach churn. He was thankful he was wearing his sunglasses, closing his eye for a moment to regain balance as he released Duck’s waist. He didn’t need to explain himself to the young man, he already knew the drill.
They stood before a house with a sagging roof and sandy brickwork faded and crumbling. Jimmy went to knock, but the door swung open before he’d even raised his hand. Duck was already sitting on the muddy front garden, his back to his boss.
The youthful woman behind the door smiled, her thick long dreads falling over her face, concealing most of her soft features. Her looks didn’t fool Jimmy, she was much older than himself, but had been blessed with the appearance of eternal youth. She didn’t speak, instead she walked away to allow him to enter.
She sauntered into her dining room, bare except for a few sun-bleached photos of children mounted on the maroon walls. Crossing her legs on a chair around her circular wooden table, she leaned forward to relight the ashen charcoal on the royal purple shisha pipe, waiting for Jimmy to also take a seat.
“You’ve been keeping well?” He asked as he took off his sunglasses.
She took a few deep puffs of the hose, water bubbling in the vase. The fruity scent of the tobacco filled the air.
“I still exist, so life is good.” She smiled, revealing her toothless mouth as her free hand pushed a few black dreads away from her eyes. “What is it you want to know?”
“Shouldn’t the all-knowing oracle recognise my concerns?”
“You have so many, it’s hard to know which ones you want answered.”
“Tell me my greatest threat.”
The oracle chuffed the pipe again and blew thick smoke rings which joined and contorted above her head. She s...

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...he same after.”
“A war? Involving who?” Jimmy propped his hands on the table.
“Alternates and humans, even those enhanced individuals.”
“You mean genetics?”
“That’s a nice word for their animalistic existence.” The oracle said as she wrinkled her nose.
“So who will win?”
The oracle picked up her pipe and as she inhaled, her cheeks deflated.
“That even I cannot know. There’s too many factors involved. But trust me, we all need to prepare. When the time comes, I want to be able to protect myself. Having a mind like ours is one thing, something that will help as much as persecute us when the war arises, but having firearms…Well,” She picked up the gleaming gun. Pulling back the on the slide to load the cartridge, she pointed it mindlessly just above Jimmy’s right shoulder as she closed one eye. “If we want to beat the humans we need to be able to fight just like them.”

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