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The Story Of Beauty And The Beast Essay

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In the story of Beauty and The Beast, it’s set in a far-off country where a rich merchant lived with his six sons and six daughters. One day the merchant picks a rose from a garden for his daughter Beauty, and gets confronted by the Beast. He demanded that the merchant send him a daughter as payment for his theft. Beauty volunteers knowing that her father had plucked the rose to be a gift for her. In the Beast’s castle Beauty had recurrent dreams of a handsome prince, she wondered in her thoughts the connection between the beast, and the prince. Beauty started to question herself about the beast, and realized not to trust appearances. Despite living in a fortunate lifestyle of wealth, you should not judge the book by its cover.

Primary for some being fortunate in their lifestyle they consider themselves to be put on a pedestal that they neglect people inner beauty and judge them base on their physical appearance or their wealth. The father believed he didn’t have a penny too much, and that if his children wanted something; they will get it but a misfortune came upon them. Their house got burned down with all of their precious goods and suddenly the father had lost every ship he had on sea. Then found out that his clerks from distant countries showed their true colours by being unfaithful. The family fell into poverty that made them retreat to a little house in a desolate place. The children didn’t want to abandon their old life. So they ask their friends for a hand but got denied, even though their friends had been so numerous to them when they were rich. In the long they will learn to appreciate that life shouldn’t be based on materialistic or superficial things, and that beauty is not just our appearance but it’s also inside ou...

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...elieve that the Beast couldn’t deceive them. Her father departed the following morning, so she fell asleep and had a dream of a handsome Prince. The Prince says, “Ah, Beauty, you are not so unfortunate as you suppose. Here you will be rewarded for all you have suffered elsewhere. Your every wish shall be gratified. Only try to find me out, no matter how I may be disguised, for I love you dearly, and in making me happy, you will find your own happiness. Be as truehearted as you are beautiful, and we shall have nothing left to wish for” “What can I do, Prince, to make you happy?” said Beauty. “Only be grateful,” he answered, “and do not trust too much to your eyes. Above all, do not desert me until you have saved me from my cruel misery” (p.14). From waking up from her dream, she wondered the castle, went to a room, which she was startled by the Beast.

To conclude,

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