Essay about The Story Of Adam And Eve And The Creation

Essay about The Story Of Adam And Eve And The Creation

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The story of Adam and Eve and the creation has proven itself worthy of being dissected and shredded into its core themes of thanatos, eros, within the Oedipal conflict. The themes in the story are very easy to relate to as we closely observe two human beings that share our same tendencies and desires to defy and liberate. This account of our first fathers gives a great amount of insight where our tendencies of defiance originated. Adam, the first man, was made from the dust thus making him a thanatos creature. I believe both theologians and psychoanalysts would agree that the example of being created from dust would create a line defining us as Thanatos and God, the law giver, as Eros. As the story progresses in this light there are events that stand as a testimony of the struggle between God and the natural man, father and son, or thanatos and eros. The struggle between these two key players are harnessed by the Oedipal conflict. Knowing this bit of information makes the story of Adam and Eve have a bit of an psychoanalytic glow.
In the beginning of Adam and Eve 's account of their creation God created Adam using the lowest element of the Earth, the dust. This part of the account of the creation of Adam being made from the dust indicates that man has a thanatos origin being made up of the lowest form of the elements. Whenever there is chaos there also must be an establishment of order. God sees the lifeless being of Adam and as an attempt to install order in his life God breathed into his nostrils and gave him life. Adam, who was once lifeless, could now move and speak and becomes a living organism that can learn and progress under the direction of with his newly found father, God. The roles of father and son played by God and A...

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...on of Adam and Eve to the eros enforcer God this story conveys the very essence of humankind and the struggles it has with artificial rules that govern them. Down to the core being of every man and woman there is that innate tendency to defy the law and to liberate themselves from any authoritative rule. The irony in this struggle between children and their parents is when the children become parents themselves. The child that becomes a parent start to understand and sympathize with the parent, that they he or she defied in the past. The need for balance between Eros and Thanatos becomes more evident as the child grows up and becomes the parent has experience on both sides of the spectrum and is qualified to give advice. That is exactly why the ideal symbiotic relationship between eros and thanatos is needed to have a healthy life that would keep our lives in order.

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