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The Story And Film, Minority Report Essay

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The story and film, Minority Report, are set in a seemingly utopian, futuristic world. Criminality and murder does not exist in this society because of the organization Precrime. Precrime came to be with three precogs that have the ability to see murder before it occurs. So with this system all homicide has ceased in over six years, it is outwardly flawless. But as the story unfolds, it is clear that this “perfect” society is flawed in many ways. The story begins with the character John Anderton. He is the main executive of the Precrime division, and in the short story, he is uneasily approaching the age of retirement. In the film, Anderton is quite physiologically unstable because of divorce and the loss of his son. In both the story and the film, Anderton is predicted to murder a man of no relation to him. He attempts to hide from his own profession while it seeks to arrest him. In the midst of his havoc, he questions Precrime and the morality it places on the society (Minority Report). Oppression throughout different societies is defined as those who are in control treat those who have no power unfairly and deprive them of certain basic rights or liberties (12 Common Types of Oppression and Their Origins). Precrime creates an oppressive society by denying people freedom of thought, the right to have a trial, and by completely abolishing any sense of privacy an individual may want.
Freedom of speech and thought is a fortunate privilege that Americans have, but it is denied in other countries. India and Iran are just a few of many countries that have a limited tolerance for free speech. Speaking out against one’s government can lead to jail, the Internet is not accessible to the community, certain books are banned, the media w...

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...nterrogation. Regulation of privacy needs to be mandated to certain degree, but this universal understanding is closely related to freedom and what everyone on earth deserves.
Superficial security is the basis of Precrime. If one digs deeper, it becomes relevant that Precrime actually has constructed an oppressive society by denying the characters freedom of desires and actions, the right to have a trial, and eliminating privacy that all people deserve. Freedom of speech is only denied to people living in certain countries with oppressive government, laws and leaders. The Minority Report also practices denying the basic privacy and respect that all non-oppressive societies have. Although in theory, Precrime is a wonderful concept with prodigious, low murder statistics: Precrime fails to discuss and adhere basic human rights, which significantly oppresses the society.

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