Essay on Story about Two Boys and Their Plan to Marry Two Teachers

Essay on Story about Two Boys and Their Plan to Marry Two Teachers

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After Mr. Krupp gave the message of:”will you marry me?” to Ms. Ribble he didn’t talk, he just say strange things like: buubuah hobba, so he was very sacred about the marriage because the other teachers were organizing the wedding. In the next week the whole Monday anyone went to school but Mr. Krupp didn’t realize it because when Mr. Rected asked him about the students he just answer him with the strange things he was saying. Then on Tuesday everyone went to school but in pajamas and picking their noses, so Miss. Fit asked Mr. Krupp why everyone was in the way they were that day, but again he answered with the strange things he was saying. The day after, all students went normal except the girls, they had the moustache painted on their faces, they had a sandwich in their heads and they smelled very bad. The next day all students were having a food fight but Mr. Krupp didn´t say anything about that because he was scared because of the wedding. Finally on Friday they went dressed like bees because in the schedule that Gorge and Harold arranged was written that so everythi...

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