Essay The Storming Of The Bastille

Essay The Storming Of The Bastille

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The Storming of the Bastille was the reason for governmental change in France. Political turmoil and an economic crisis caused people to become infuriated with King Louis XVI. The French political system created an unequal distribution of powers between the first, second, and third estate. Economic crises also occurred by the King creating an overload of taxes. The people of the third estate were struggling to survive due to high taxes. So, in 1789 on July 14th the storming of the Bastille occurred. Thousands of people marched to the Bastille to free seven people who were imprisoned in the Bastille. The Bastille would get destroyed by eight hundred men. After the storming of the Bastille occurred the governor and then months later the King would both get executed. Following the Bastille being destroyed and the King being executed the French people finally had hope for the future of a democracy instead of a monarchy. The Storming of the Bastille, which started as a revolt, was the French people’s symbol of victory against the monarchy, which resulted in a revolution and changed France’s government forever.
The French political system pushed towards the revolt because of unfair advantages within the system. The system was based on three classes of people consisting of the first estate, the second estate, and the third estate. What the three classes were based on was political, economic, and social power (Bastille 2016). Inequalities of the distribution of power were very prominent causing anger among the third estate’s people. The third estate consisted of mainly the poor population, which was the largest group of people in France. Being poor during this era was problematic because there were very few opportunities to ascend the s...

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... but an indifferent thing; however, it is the best” (Jefferson).
Because of the storming of the Bastille France’s government changed forever. The destroying of the Bastille started as a revolt for the people of the third estate and turned into one of the most remembered historical revolutions of all time, the French Revolution. Although the third estate did not have hardly any power they prevailed to make themselves known to the King. Hundreds of people, guards of the Bastille, men, and women alike, died for the destroying of the Bastille. Thousands of people celebrated the remarkable outcome of what had occurred. With the governor and the King dead the people of the third estate could finally start to have equal rights of power. The end of one monarchy government was the beginning of a democracy government that began a new reign in France that still reigns today.

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