Essay on The Storm Of College English

Essay on The Storm Of College English

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Riding out the Storm
As much as anyone prepares for a hurricane to come, there is no stopping it once it is here. Riding out the storm sitting in the dark, getting minimal sleep, and surviving off the stock kept in the basement is all one can do. Then as the eye of the storm moves over the area, everything becomes eerily calm and everyone waits for destruction to hit once again. The storm continues to move and it is back to waiting it out and merely surviving. The storm many know as a hurricane can relate quite well to my experience in College English, but as I near the end of the semester I can reflect back and see the many areas of writing I have improved on. As I moved through the storm of College English I improved on many of my writing skills, but the ones I believe I improved most on are organization, transitions and word choice, and setting goals.
When looking back to the English eleven research paper and essay number four in College English, I can see that I better prepared for the storm over the semester. In English eleven, I wrote my research paper on date rape and had a whole six paragraphs. When I wrote and finalized essay number four for College English, I had a total of nineteen paragraphs for the whole paper. As can be seen, I have learned how to point out the natural breaks in paragraphs and make the overall flow of the paper easier to read.
Another way I have improved in organization is by utilizing outlines to the fullest extent. When we started our first assignment for the class and had to do the outline I was slightly annoyed at the extra work that I deemed as unnecessary. Then I started to pull it out more and more as I worked on each paper and I finally saw that it was helping me stay organized. Furthermore...

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... the first semester of College English I can see that I have come a long way in writing. When I look back on my papers I can see that I organized my papers more thoroughly through outlines and by taking natural breaks in the paragraphs. Additionally, I can also see that I have matured in writing over the past few months when I look at how I used transitions between paragraphs and sentences and the different and logical words I used in my papers. Furthermore, the last skill I can see that I’ve improved on is setting goals by working towards getting one paragraph written a day. As I move towards the end of the semester and reflect on how far I’ve come on writing, I can only be extraordinarily proud of myself for taking the hurricane head on and working through to the end of the storm, only to see that it wasn’t the worst part of life I have had thrown at me.

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