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The Storm Comes First
As a teen, it 's hard to remember exact moments when looking back at baby pictures. We were babies, we can’t possibly remember what went on when we were too young to comprehend language or the art of mobility. Although we can 't remember exactly, someone does. Whether it be our parents, the photographer, or background characters from the photo, someone can recall that exact moment. The older you get, the more eager relatives are to share stories about you from your childhood, some broadcasted to the world making sport of you, and others in the quiet of your own home, attached to heartbreaking memories. Even though you may not be able to remember them, they are your experiences, your life story, things you should be able to know, and all you have to do is ask.
I always thought my father and I were close when I was a child. A large majority of my baby pictures were of my dad and I. He was always playing toys with me, or watching Tarzan on the couch with me, or feeding me with a huge grin. Although my parents were only 18 when they had me, in pictures we looked like a perfect family. I was wrong. Usually it was just me and my mom in our little apartment with our ugly furniture. These are moments I cannot remember. No matter how hard I try to recall them, all I can picture is the three of us laughing and having a good time sitting in our tiny little living room.

I had a preconceived idea of how parents were supposed to be and based my families relationships off of pictures. I figured I would always be the daddy’s girl I was in the pictures, thinking my mom didn 't want to be around. My life turned out being the exact opposite. My mom took care of me in the highs and lows, and loved me even though her life w...

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...ngs in my life. Not only is our family as a whole saved, but my personal relationship with my father has been mended. We get along better than we ever have, even if we buttheads every now and then. We can bond over our love of Criminal Minds, our high amounts of sarcasm in everything we say, or our passionate hearts for God. I now know that no matter what, he has my back. I can see that loves me and cares about me now and it is the most relieving feeling after all the years of pain his actions caused. Sometimes things have to be horrible before they get better. Some people have to hit rock bottom or beyond before they change their ways. I am glad now that those pieces of my childhood are missing from my memory, but i am more excited that i will be able to remember my father 's transformation for the rest of my life, and use it as a building block of who I want to be.

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