The Stories Of The Great Leaders Essay

The Stories Of The Great Leaders Essay

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If the story of my education were to be added on to the stories of all of the great leaders included in How Lincoln Learned to Read, it would be strikingly similar to the stories of the great thinkers themselves. Like Abraham Lincoln, I loved to read and like Sojourner Truth, I learned my behaviors by watching my family. The story of my education parallels with these and many others of those included in the novel. Themes such as self-education through reading, household observation, and passions for various tasks run through my story as well as the stories of many of the great thinkers mentioned in the book.
When I was just under two years old, my parents walked into my room to find me propped up on the floor reading Goodnight Moon. They were amazed, as they should have been; children don’t usually begin to read before they go to school. A few weeks later, they walked in on the same occurrence except something was off; I was holding the book upside down. What they realized was that I was not actually reading; I had memorized every word on every page of my favorite book and I was reciting the words that I associated with each page. Even though I was not the impressive toddler who learned to read before she turned two, I was a toddler who had a great memory and a desire to be just like her older brothers.
Aside from how to recite bedtime stories, I learned a lot of valuable skills from my household. In this way, I find similarity between my story and that of Sojourner Truth. Wolff writes that Sojourner Truth “learned, by following her mother around, the basics of how to keep house (Wolff, 2009, p. 72). For Sojourner, this was the very beginning of her education. The methods through which she learned from her mother, most importa...

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...his, in turn, helped me to become a better student. Even though I wasn’t training to be a member of the elite like Andrew Jackson, I was training to be a higher-level thinker, and the people around me helped me do just that.
The themes involved in the story of my education are similar to those included in the stories of the greats discussed in the novel. A passion for reading similar to that of Abraham Lincoln matched with a love of writing similar to Benjamin Franklin’s helped me to develop strong communication skills. Admiration for my brothers similar to Sojourner Truth’s admiration for her mother allowed me to gain the skills necessary to survive as well as those necessary to learn. Other themes such as a strong desire to excel and natural abilities are also shared among these stories and mine. All of these influences combined to create the student I am today.

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