The Stories Hidden in The Two Fridas Essay

The Stories Hidden in The Two Fridas Essay

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Frida Kahlo was a talanted and strong woman who expressed her life situations through her works of art. She was born on July 6th, 1907 in the town of Coyoacán. Her life was challenging and the only choice she had was being strong to continue living. For instance, "when Frida was six, she contracted polio and was laid up for nearly a year" and as a matter of consequence "she was left with one leg shorter than the other" (Lowe 17). This deformity was the first but far from being the last problem Frida has ever faced throughout her lifetime. When she was eighteen, "she suffered an extremely serious accident that left her with a profound impairment of the backbone, pelvis and uterus" (Tibol 2). She had her several ribs cracked; "her right leg was broken in eleven places, ans her right foot was crashed" (Lowe 18). Despite all these consequences she tried to lead normal life and a year after the accident, she started drawing (Lowe 18). From that moment on, she drew a plethora of artworks that represent moments of her life using herself being the main model. As she says, "I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone», «because I am the person I know best" - Frida once said (Herrera The paitnings 3). Frida’s works were her representation of reality or the way she perceived it. Her striking ability to show her inner world through the works of art is amazing. In this research paper, my focus is mostly concerned on her particular painting - "The Two Fridas", and the way she expresses her feelings using canvas and paint. What stories are hidden in this painting and how does she mirror her emotions in her work? The answers lie behind the layers of paint and are only to be proposed and guessed.
Frida Kahlo "painted [her] own reality" an...

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