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Stop Walk By The Pharmacy Essay

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A chilly Sunday afternoon in October, was the setting for a sidewalk showdown outside the local pharmacy. On the short stretch of street which the pharmacy sits, is known by locals as a dangerous place due to the number of assertive beggars, ranging from junkies to the incapable. In spite of knowing this many people continue to walk by the pharmacy because it is shorter to walk by then go down one more block. I decided to make the same decision to walk by the pharmacy, as I have never had a negative experience walking down that street. However, this time I had a negative experience.
“Happy Halloween boys,” a rather tall man greeted me, and my roommate, on the corner of the pharmacy. Just behind the man, down the sidewalk two men were talking. They both seemed to be one of the people known the frequent the area by the pharmacy. Regardless, the men’s conversation began to escalate, as one of the men began to show his emotion and lose his composure. My roommate and I continued down the sidewalk towards the men thinking nothing of their disagreement. When we were just a short distance away, one of the men turned away from the conversation in a manner that was not expressly anger or frustration but it was clear had some emotional distress. As he stormed away the other man called out to him with a callous inflection, and almost laughing said “you wouldn’t have been robbed if you weren’t such a (expletive).” Consequently, this was the last straw for unfortunate man. Spinning quickly in response, the man confronted his verbal abuser getting in his face. The two men had a rather noticeable size difference as antagonist was shorter and sizably smaller. As a result, the antagonized man knew he could use his size as an advantage...

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...e fair to make the assumption fully, however based on location, and the fact one is holding a paper bag it would not surprise me if drugs or alcohol could have influenced the aggressive behaviors. With drugs and alcohol a possibility, they have an effect on the hormonal balance. One or both can have a serotonin deficiency as a result of lifestyle or another factor, which could also provide an explanation for the aggressive behavior.
In reality it is impossible to determine why exactly these men acted aggressively. Even if one were to ask them why they acted in this manner the individual would still not be able to fully explain why. There are a multitude of factors that can play into the aggression of both men. One can just hope that some the factors for their aggression can be eliminated or even reduced in hopes that the same interaction may not occur again.

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