Essay on Stop the Madness

Essay on Stop the Madness

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We have all seen animals in the house, bored without anything to do. They are basically locked in the house all day while parents are at work and children are at school or daycare. Or some animals may be roaming around land free but the animals do not have true freedom. Some may be sitting around in a cage. Pacing around a cage can drive anyone insane. It definitely drives animals insane. Animals should not be in captivity for the benefits of humans. Animals are being affected psychologically. Their nervous systems are being affected ( Lord ). When in solitary confinement, they sit in a small room like a cage. What did the animals do to deserve the prisons they are in? Animals in captivity have had a role in dangerous incident such as: the tiger incident in Las Vegas, the whale incident in Sea world. The money being used for zoos should be used for National parks or reserve centers (Ednise). The money is wasted on food, but the food is not healthy anyways; most of the food comes from slaughter houses with diseased animals (Ednise). Animals are dying every day in captivity because captivity is not a way to live. Animals should not be used for the entertainment, scientific or medical advancement of humans.
The word zoo is derived from zoology which is the study of animals. The first zoos were zoological Gardens and were for helping the animals. Zoos first began in 1500BC by the queen of Egypt, Hatshepsut (History of Zoos). The exotic animals included hippos, hartebeest, elephants, baboons and wildcats (History of Zoos). Zoos were used for educational purposes; many of the Egyptians would study the behavior of the animals and help keep them alive. Zoos became popular and kept expanding across the nation. By the 19th century Roman...

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