Stop Shootings from Happening on Campus: Unsettle Guns Essay

Stop Shootings from Happening on Campus: Unsettle Guns Essay

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You sit towards the back in Art and Design at eight-forty in the morning, trying to stay awake, an early class your advisor convinced you to take. The teacher is charismatically lecturing on Modernism and its implements on society. He suddenly trails off. There is a stunned silence; screams can be heard from down the hall along with gun fire and it is getting louder. Goosebumps rise on your arm. The teacher, with help from the students, closes the door and attempts to barricade the door with a table and desks. Although it is somewhat comforting, there is still a window uncovered and a figure pauses at the door. Some students begin to cry uncontrollably and the teacher attempts to gain control of the situation. You consider your options; could you throw a desk out the window? That is out of the question, we are all on the fourth floor, and though panicked you are not incapable of being logical. The tiny fort will not hold long and the figure has broken the window with the tip of his gun, he is shooting into the classroom, but the angle is all wrong. You lay down on your stomach; no one has to tell you to do this, but you do it anyways with no one’s permission.
This scenario is not only the stuff of horror movies; but it can be reality. After every shooting, there is a heated argument flying around about what laws should be implemented in order to stop shootings from happening on campus. One view is that guns ought to continue to be kept off campus; the other side believes they should be allowed for a number of reasons. While organizations such as Students for Concealed Carry on Campus perpetuate what its name sounds like, that they believe guns have a place on campus, guns should not be on campus because of their long history of c...

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