Stop Scaring Students By Devorah Lieberman And ' College Is A Waste Of Time And Money ``

Stop Scaring Students By Devorah Lieberman And ' College Is A Waste Of Time And Money ``

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In both “Stop Scaring students”, by Devorah Lieberman and “College is a Waste of Time and Money”, by Caroline Bird, the authors consider the value of college education. Due to the long-term investment in higher education, college students should be informed about certain aspects of college, concerning whether college is beneficial or non-beneficial. Both oppositions present themselves with a strong argument, but only by looking at their similarities and differences one can uncover which is the best path for college students.
In the article “Stop Scaring Students” Devorah Lieberman expresses her ideas that college education is an important investment that pays off extensively in a long run, despite claims in recent media reports. Lieberman addresses certain media sources that claim college graduates are increasing in their unemployment. Lieberman states, “... adults with a college degree were twice as likely to be employed as those who had earned only a high school diploma” (1). Lieberman believes that the media portraying college education in a negative way that causes targeted audiences to stray away from investing in higher education. Additionally, the author counter argues that the reason for recent unemployment is due to the recession, she states that during a recession the workforce is hindered because there is pressure weighing down on it causing college graduates to take jobs that they are academically qualified for (Lieberman 1). Lieberman continues by encouraging students to follow their passions, but to be practical in a sense that doesn’t cause their judgment to be clouded by their vehemence (1). Ultimately, Lieberman is addressing the fact that upcoming college students should be encouraged to pursue the careers of t...

... middle of paper ... is for the most part a worthwhile investment, but only for those who have the necessary educational mindset towards pursuing a career. I believe that those who excel naturally in an academic environment are the individuals that are mentally qualified as college material. Also, agree absolutely with Lieberman when she states that college students should be enthralled to follow their passions but to be practical about it. Lieberman states “I would encourage them to do just that, follow their passions … but tempered with pragmatism” (1). This is the basis of my belief that almost anyone can find their place in college as long as they find something they’re passionate about. For the most part, I generally take sides with Lieberman, but the true answer to whether college education worth it is strictly based on the individual’s mentality towards pursuing a career.

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