The Stop Online Piracy Act Essay

The Stop Online Piracy Act Essay

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All of us know about the crimes committed every day by people all over the world. Theft, assault, grand theft auto, underage drinking, fraud, prostitution, and rape. But what about crimes on the internet? Last year, SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) was introduced to the world. If this bill was passed, many sites would have to censor certain pieces of information, as well as remove a lot of the content already uploaded. SOPA would also crack down on terminating torrent sites, which are used to share files such as music, movies, video games, e-books, and whatever else is a digital file. In my opinion, SOPA should not be passed due to the fact that censoring information on the internet is an act against the first amendment. SOPA should not be passed due to the fact that it goes against the first amendment and will lead to a corrupt information sharing system.
One of the biggest reasons that SOPA should be stopped is because it is directly against the first amendment. For example, Wikipedia would be able to write articles on a site such as The Pirate Bay or Kick A** Torrents, but if they were to include the link to the sites, they could get into trouble with government for supplying their readers with the links to sites that support online file sharing. This would go against freedom of speech. “As the fracas over the proposed federal anti-privacy legislation known as SOPA heats up this week, the open-source encyclopedia website, Wikipedia, says it will shut down for 24 hours, beginning midnight Tuesday to protest what the website warns is a threat to free speech(Wikipedia blackout- Why even supporters question anti-SOPA move). Many people were upset about the blackout, but clearly got the message. The bill’s opponents, wh...

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...ormation we are very to fit their needs. These are just three ways in which you should truly think about if you think SOPA is a good act.
These reasons above are why my personal opinion is that SOPA should not be passed due to the fact that it would go against many of our rights including the first amendment. Whether it is the fact that online piracy can’t be stopped, the first amendment is being violated, or the government is becoming an overly powerful system, SOPA should not be passed to allow these things. So my personal question to you is, do you truly want to live in a world where all the information being shared is constantly monitored and edited by the government, or do you want to live in a world where you know that what your viewing is the way it is happening in the real world and you know it is one hundred percent true? Think about it and choose wisely.

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