Stop A Deer Home With Me Essay

Stop A Deer Home With Me Essay

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As I sit here, I have the desire to take a deer home with me. Somewhere in these vast woods a buck is stepping, with no warning that today is the day that I capture him. There is an ominous crow cackle, one that any protagonist would consider as a warning, I consider it an opportunity. My deer did not accept this warning; at least it was not shown.
Today was opening day for bow season in Michigan, which is the most peaceful of the opening days, with the exception of a few hunters who are frustrated with their archery skills and resort to gun powder. These are the few that ruin the October silence and nature’s faith in humanity with the pull of a trigger the peacefulness is gone.
Overhead, a viciously fast blue jay searches for its target. They are a wonderful predator; their garb of majestic blue does not give justice to their predatory attributes. Unlike a blue jay, I conceal myself ten feet high in a plywood box, wearing the pattern of trees. I cannot decide why I must conceal myself, for today I bear no arm. My means of attack would make any predator scoff. I have my semi-reliable pen and a piece of paper, fulfilling their purpose of capturing the deer for my collection. I would never carry a bow with me, as I am in no need of venison and would waste a living animal. Hunting for sport is not hunting, it is slaughter.
Hunting for sport has always existed. A trophy hunt’s main goal is to bag the largest animal in attempt to signify a successful killing, a head mounted on the wall. In Aldo Leopold’s “Thinking Like a Mountain,” he details the murder of a wolf for sport by a group of hunters. Leopold approaches the dying wolf and sees the life leave its eyes, the green fire fading away. This is Leopold’s epiphany, as ...

... middle of paper ... gone. I started to look for a new deer, someone to accompany me as I sit in my shelter. The call was never answered, besides the futile effort of a gray squirrel on a tree over from me. There was a presence that only the deer could occupy.
If that buck was not lucky enough to have walked into my field, he may have never been able to walk through the woods again. Deer season in Michigan lasts an accumulated two and a half months, consisting of a youth hunt, and bow, rifle, and muzzleloader season. This allows a short period of legal hunting that is not detrimental to the deer population and discourages hunting for sport. After experiencing the beauty and presence of a deer without a weapon in my hand, I have found a new appreciation of what they are, how they contribute to nature, and the significance of harvesting deer only for practical uses, not for sport.

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