Essay about Stinging a Guitar

Essay about Stinging a Guitar

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Changing guitar strings is a relatively easy process; although it definitely requires a bit of patience to get them correct. Once you have completely the steps a few times, this process may take about fifteen minutes to complete.
Important parts of the guitar that you will need to know about: the bridge located underneath the sound hole, the neck of the guitar is located where the strings lie it is made up of frets (this is the majority of where you place your fingers while playing), and the head where the tuning posts (tuners) are located.
Here is a list of items you will need to have on hand: nylon or steel strings, wire cutters, and tuner.
There are six strings therefore six tuning posts located on the head. Each of the six strings runs all the way from the bridge (at the base of the sound hole) along the neck into the correct tuning post. Inside the tuning post there is a hole and the strings can be tightened or (tuned) after the string has been run through that hole. As you are tightening the string you will notice that the hole will decrease in size and tension keeps the string from moving.
At the end of each of the strings there is a ball otherwise known as a ball-end. Before I continue please understand depending on the model of acoustic guitar some guitars may have bridge pins and some may not. The guitar I will be stinging in my example does not have bridge pins. For those guitar models that do, these will also need to be removed. The purpose behind the bridge pin is not only to hold the string in place but also to enhance sound. Therefore the bridge pin will be inserted over the ball end of the guitar strings. Some more expensive models of acoustic guitars require these pins to be removed and sometimes rep...

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...led do not cut the excess string until after you tune the guitar and all previous steps have been checked and are done correctly. If you cut the string before you double check everything the string may be too short if you need to redo a step. Now, as the string has already been entered into the tuning post, you can start to tighten the post using the key found on the right or left hand side of the tuning post. The strings may start to move while you are tightening the strings so make sure you hold the ball end on the bridge of the guitar while you tighten each string. You can also place a finger on the string while it is lying on the neck to maintain control. The tuning keys that are located on the left-hand side of the guitar or higher notes will turn clockwise and the tuning keys on the right-hand side of the guitar or lower notes will turn counter clockwise.

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