Stimulation and Open Minds For Learning Essay

Stimulation and Open Minds For Learning Essay

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Like birds need to learn how to fly and predators learn how to hunt, we humans too need to go through a cornucopia of learning processes. Learning is a boundless and essential part of life. When we learn from our mistakes it’s considered to be a practical learning style and when we go to a lecture to listen, take notes and memorize information, we use a different learning approach. The purpose is always the same, to understand or use something new, but the way to get there is tortuous. While it might be ostensible that general knowledge is somewhat important to prioritize when learning, it suffocates and holds back the vital way of maturing as individuals. Universities should therefore welcome the idea of active learning in general and through interaction, and interpret definitions of school related terms appropriately.
To be actively involved in learning, in general, is essential in order to mature and become a better person. Learning something new is nothing that automatically happens to us. One example of active learning, when we are children, is when we must learn how to walk. We as individuals must be the one doing it in order to learn it. We must be a part of it in order to remember the physiological use of our limbs, to recall certain patterns and know how to use it in the future.
In addition to this example, a credible conclusion about active learning can be found in the text by the author Ernest L. Boyer, a United States commissioner of education who was a very profound famous individual, who chose to recite the words by another much known and appreciated person in his work. Cherished Mr. Boyer referred to a philosopher, popular author and educator by the name Mortimer J. Adler who in the text claimed that “(…) ‘all gen...

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...making the learning organs of our society to focus more on the idea of active learning in general and through interaction, and interpret definitions of school related terms appropriately. Our future lies within our children’s hands.

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