Still Separate But Equal: Segregation in American High Schools Essay

Still Separate But Equal: Segregation in American High Schools Essay

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“Separate education facilities are inherently unequal.” These words are what the Supreme Court stated in the Brown Vs Board of Education decision; a case that brought America one step closer to the end of segregation. That was on May 17th, 1954, fast forward sixty years later and segregation is still something that is an issue in schools, albeit slightly less out in the open. It can range from racially segregated proms to “Apartheid Schools.” No matter how you cut it, segregation is still alive and well in the school system.
The first reason is that some traditions of racism are still practiced in schools with racially segregated proms still occurring, as shown in the 2009 article “A Prom Divided” by Sara Corbett. This article talks about this problem that occurs in the south and focused on Montgomery County High School. It was stated that students were open to have interracial friendships and even relationships, but their parents on the other weren’t as opened to the concept with a number of white students and parents saying the same thing:”It’s just a tradition.” This means t...

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