Stigma And Discrimination That Transgender Individuals Experience Essay

Stigma And Discrimination That Transgender Individuals Experience Essay

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This paper will focus upon the stigma and discrimination that transgender individuals experience in todays’ society. It will also delve into the history of the social movement towards equality; while identifying the current political trends in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Stringer, (2013), states that the word transgender is a broad term that describes a diverse group of individuals that identify with a gender different from that in to which they were born. Transgender individuals face many adversities in their daily lives. They are at risk of experiencing such difficulties as mental illness, substance abuse low self-esteem, and, suicide anxiety (Mizock, & Mueser, 2014). Individuals who discriminate against the transgender community are labeled with the term “transphobia” or “antitransgender prejudice” (Stringer, 2013).
In the Philadelphia area transgender individuals have been under attack recently; some who have actually lost their lives. According to Moyer, 2016, an epidemic of violence is evolving in the transgender community. Transgender women of color experience accounted for nineteen of the twenty three transgender individuals murdered in the United States in 2015. Maya Young was a twenty-five-year-old transgender woman of color who was killed one late Saturday night in Philadelphia earlier this year. Police found her lying in the street with multiple stab wounds throughout her body. She was rushed to the hospital where she later died (Moyer, 2016). Transgender women murdered in Philadelphia reflect a rise of the violent attacks throughout the United States, and homicides towards transgender women are becoming an epidemic (Nuttbrock, Bockting, Rosenblum, Hwahng, Mason, Macri, & Becker, 2015).
The issue of discri...

... middle of paper ... (Mizock, & Mueser, 2014).
Transgender stigma and discrimination continues to be a relevant human service issue. In the Philadelphia area we are making strides with how we approach and provide services to individuals in the LGBTQ community as a whole. Laws are changing to be more culturally sensitive to the variables that relate to how they are treated as well as their ability to access relevant services. The ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of their lives and embrace them for their individuality; while celebrating diversity(OMHSAS,2016). There are many issues that will require our attention as human service providers, and it is imperative that we seek opportunities to educate ourselves as we seek to identify the populations that we are passionate about in order to explore the communities for which we may want to focus our careers.

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