Stevens Murder Kindled A Fire Essay

Stevens Murder Kindled A Fire Essay

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Stevens murder kindled a fire within Jeffrey and he was then actively seeking victims. Mostly he would look for gay African American. He would lure these men back to his grandmothers house where he would tell them he would feed them or they would have sex and then he would give them alcohol laced with the sleeping pills. He would then strangle them to death. His goal was the be able to preform sexual acts on the bodies. He would then dismember them. It was later found that he would take pictures of this process at different stages. He admitted to using the pictures for sexual gratification. He had killed two more people while living under his grandmothers roof.
In September of 1988, his grandmother was tired of his late nights, though she had no knowledge of the kind of activities that had been taking place in her basement. So, he rented an apartment and it didn’t take him long before finding his potential next victim. He was arrested for fondling and drugging a 13-year-old boy. He was convicted in January of the next year of sexual assault and enticing a child. He wasn’t sentenced until May for that so he took that opportunity to kill his fifth victim. He was then sentenced to five years probation and one year in the House of Corrections with a work release permitted so that he could keep his job. He was required however to register as a sex offender.
He was well behaved while in the House of Corrections and was paroled two months early. He went back to his apartment with his trophies from his previous kills. Within three months of being paroled, he killed for the sixth time. His kills at this point are becoming more frequent and he is taking every opportunity he has to find his victims. He waited about a month before killing ...

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...ial killer chooses victims by those he hates and one could conclude form looking at all of Dahmer 's victims that he was racist, as most of his victims were African American. But after reading all that I have I believe that he chose them because at that time, they were less likely to be noticed as gone. Where as if a slue of white homosexual guys went missing, it would raise some red flags. That being do to homosexuality being somewhat of a untalked about subject as well as African Americans.
It is my belief that Jeffrey Dahmer fits everything that control theory is. He would use his victims to achieve his sexual satisfactions. It is said that the reason he started using sleeping pills to drug them was because he didn’t like the way their body would move while engaging in sexual acts. So, essentially he wants to be able to control every aspect of their encounter.

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