Essay on Steve Jobs Has Not Made The World

Essay on Steve Jobs Has Not Made The World

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In the growing world, tech is the new norm. It allows us to love something so small it can fit in our hands.But is this love good? As Steve jobs created apple and its many inventions these devices changed our lives and now we see tech as a companion.But should tech be seen as more than a nonliving thing? Steve jobs created something that makes us dishonest isolated from others,and destroying the world we live in. Steve jobs has not made the world a better place,he was very far from it.
Jobs many devices continue to ruin the environment, this is ruining the lives of many as the making and discarding of these devices are the main reason jobs’s has not made the world a better place.In the start of apples iPhone a company named foxcon made the phone from piece to piece, as they finished making the phone lots of waste product was tossed into the water supply of the region making the water tainted with heavy metals.The water was ruined and some believed was unfixable. The water turned to a rust like color.This is a direct result of apples poor judgemnent on the manufacturing of the phones. This shows that Jobs was not good for the world.Another example of the environmental issues of jobs has done with his company is the discarding of the devices that Apple accumulates. Devices as they are disposed of are thrown in an incinerator or landfills.After they are disposed many toxic substances are released into the soil,water and air. As these substances are spread many people who have respiratory conditions like asthma could have a very difficult time breathing. Many people are affected by Jobs and his carelessness and care of how the product affects the environment.This is why Jobs has not been good for the world.
Jobs is incompetent of he...

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...ogy has become an extension of our bodies.we are now using technology in places where we used to have conversations in. technology has attached to us like it is our child, families are now not talking but texting and calling each other. In a sense we are all connected but disconnected at the same time, we are all in the same area but we act as if we are miles away.Steve jobs has not made our world a better place ,he has only made it a place where we are now like robots.
Steve jobs and his inventions has affected us has left a long lasting negative effect on our lives. Technology continues to leave a path of destruction on our lives and we are now turning into dishonest, isolated people who destroy our environment. as time goes on and we follow the new wave of tech, we are turning into the creator of apple. And as apple progresses i fear the worst on what’s yet to come

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