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Steve Jobs Changed The World Essay

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Steve jobs changed the world by creating Apple, inc, that made products that were revolutnary for there time period. He won several awards for his inventions, he died of pancreatic cancer. Steve jobs was the co-founder of apple with Stephen Wozniak. Steve jobs got fired from apple in 1984. He then started a new business called NeXT computer that made special computers for education and businesses. NeXT computers failed so he bought Pixar in 1986. Steve jobs created the ipad that came out in 2010 it is a cross between a iMac and a Iphone.
Steve Jobs was born on Feburary 24, 1995 in Green Bay Wisconsin. His biological mother put him up for adaptation, because she could not care for him and give him a good child hood. She requested that her son to be placed with a well-educated family. When Steve Jobs was growing up he Didn’t have any friends so he wandered to neighbors garages looking to learn more about electronics because a lot of them were engineers. Steve jobs liked fiddling with electronics so much that he spent his time after school at the packyard electronics company learning more in depth about how to make electronic devices. Steve jobs had a hard time focusing in class. Until his fourth grade teacher found a way to get him to focus in class it was by bribing him to do his work. That worked so well that the school recommended him to skip fifth grade and go straight to junior high. Steve jobs told his parents he did not like the school that he was going to, and wanted to change schools. Steve Jobs and his parents moved to silicon valley where there was a premiere school for electronics and technology. He found a friend when he was in high school that was a geek just like him, that friend was Stephen Woznick. Stephen Woznic...

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...egapixel camera added to it it is now able to shoot 1080p video. When the ipad four came out the ipad 3 was discontinued but the ipad 2 was kept on the market for a few more months as a entry level ipad.
When Steve Jobs invented the ipod in October of 2001 it changed the world because it was the first music device that you could buy song online and have them to your iphone or ipod. Apple released the iphone in 2007 that was revoluntairy because you basically have a mini computer with you at all times you can accces the internet from it and download music and movies to it like you would with the iphone. Steve Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003 when he went for a routine checkup for his abdomen. Steve Jobs and Apple did not release much information about what he was going through so when he died on October 5,20011 it was a shock to the world.

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