Essay Steve Jobs And Tim Cook

Essay Steve Jobs And Tim Cook

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In the management process, leadership is the first and can be the most influential part of the process. Both Steve Jobs and Tim Cook have very similar approaches to leadership styles in regards to the vision for Apple. Steve’s is more on a vision for the future charismatic side where as Cook’s vision is tied into social and ethical responsibilities. While they have differences in the approach to the direction of the company, they use their position of power to influence decisions and visions.

In Chapter 11 of Exploring Management, “Tom Peters says that a leader is “rarely –possibly never- the best performer”” (Schermerhorn , 2014, p.264). By never being a performer leaders are able to focus more of their time on and delegate employees. They use the power they have to influence change and motivate others to carry out their visions. There are only a handful of individuals who are excellent at putting ideas into action in regards to large companies. Steve Jobs believed in a system where “ everyone was viewed the same” (Ragni, 2010). He had no committees in his company from the time of its formation to his passing. In an interview in 2010 he was asked how his management team is set up (Ragni, 2010). The philosophy behind his process is that he looks at the company as a startup. All ideas and projects that were being made and planned were discussed as a team. He didn’t like the idea of one person or a committee to have all the power. Using this style of management he is able to create an environment that thrives on new ideas and challenges the way we think of problems ad technology. With this leadership style, Steve is able to use the human imagination as a motive to drive the company. Whatever they world can dream he pushes to bu...

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...uct most would classify as "insanely great".
While Steve Jobs opposed dividends and buybacks, Tim Cook has accommodated Wall Street with dividends and buybacks as well as donating money to charities of employee’s choice. According to an article by Alex Daniels (2015) in, "Under Mr. Cook, Apple instituted a program that has matched $25 million in employees financial contributions to charities since 2011." Apple has also extended the matching program to include employee 's volunteer time. For every hour an employee volunteers, Apple donates $50 to a charity the employee chooses.
Apple 's leadership has moved and seems as if it will continue to move towards benefiting people through charitable contributions as well as technological innovations under Tim Cook, rather than simply benefiting people and rewarding shareholders alone as under Steve Jobs.

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