Steve Jobs And Bill Gates

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I have picked Steve Jobs and Bill Gates as my choice for the cultural icons. They are well known for the companies they have founded and are very popular in today’s day in age. They are both united into making well-built and magnificent products that are under their business known as Apple and Microsoft. They do have their differences on who makes the better computer or other product, fighting for which is better. Both of them have their popularity, and have their importance in this society, giving hope to young entrepreneurs into starting their own business and they, as well as their team, push technology into a whole new level. Steve Jobs was best known as the Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Apple Inc., but most people did know he was CEO and Primary investor of Pixar and CEO and Founder of NeXT. He was an American information technology entrepreneur and inventor of the products we use in todays day in age. His competitor, Bill Gates, is a Co-founder and technology advisor of the company we know today as Microsoft. He also has other businesses and foundation he partakes in, which are Cascade (CEO), Corbis (chairman), TerraPower (chairman), and Bill & Malinda Gates Foundation (Co-chairman). Both started their careers nearly almost at the same time, their major business as we know today all started out of their garages. They are two of the most worlds most wealthy and successful men in the computer industry. The rivalry and competition they had between each other became one of the most permanent in the business industry. Being known as the people who made a big change in technology over the past decades, they made a change in today’s society. Even though each company has its own idea, the difference between Apple and Microsof... ... middle of paper ... ...elopment was ceased in the year 2000. Both made extraordinary software that made man made machines (computers) what they are today. Despite the rivalry or competition, both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates accomplished a extensive amount of success in their own way. They had many similarities amongst each other such as starting out of their own garages or co-founding their companies along with other people. Steve jobs co-founded Apple along with Steve Wozniak and Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft with the help of Paul Allen. They were also very similar on taking an idea and developing them and not being afraid of any risk or challenges they would come upon. Aside form the affinity; both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates had their differences between each other. The differences between both companies (Apple and Microsoft) are they had their own unique philosophy with different aim.
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