Essay on Steve Jobs : An Exceptional Man

Essay on Steve Jobs : An Exceptional Man

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When looking at Steve Jobs I would have to say that he was an exceptional man and there was not just one of the big five traits that he expressed. He was one of a kind person that had a lot of desirable traits that many others in the business world would love to have because of his dedication to his company as well as the feelings he made his employees feel in order that they could do what they thought was the impossible. First off I would have to say that he really expressed extroversion because he was able to talk well in front of people and wasn’t afraid to say what he was thinking while still reaching out to people. This really helped his company grow because he was not afraid to say what needed to be said, if he did not say the things that he said the company might not have made it as far as they have before his death. The next trait that he expressed would have been Conscientiousness because he was always looking toward the goal and was doing anything on regular bases so that he could accomplish all of these things. He had goals and he made those goals seem more achievable than others thought and would always strive to meet those goals before time ran out. The last of the traits that I would say Steve had would have been openness to experience, he let everything that he had learned and experienced help guide the way of the company so that they could grow and become the best company around. From when he was studying Buddhism to seeing how others in the company had failed he used everything and incorporated it into his work.
If I was going to have to rate Mr. Jobs on the traits that he had I would have to say that he is expressing three of the five major traits that are needed to be a good organizational leader. He looks for ...

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...tude really promoted the best in people.
There are a lot of things that would have caused stress for Jobs. Not only did he have one of the most successful businesses in the world but he had some of the best employees. Every day he was faced with the fact that he needed to continue to promote the best in the company as well as come up with new ideas in order to help the products remain at the top of the food chain. He had to balance both the company to make sure that they were in the positive while listening to what the people really wanted. If there is something wrong with a product it was part of his duty to make sure that the problem got fixed before there was a major upset with the consumers. Jobs had a lot on his plate for both the economic aspect as well as the product field. It was not wonder as to why he would break out in haves at times and get stressed out.

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