Steve Jobs : A Hero Of Our Generation Essay

Steve Jobs : A Hero Of Our Generation Essay

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1955 February 24 Steve Jobs was born. The world not knowing what potential this baby has. Steve Jobs has everything it takes to be considered a hero. A hero of our generation. Steve has inspired millions and revolutionized the way we listen and communicate. Steve Jobs is the best example of the american dream. From having just an idea to making it become a reality Steve Jobs is truly a hero. From the inventions he started with to letting people all over the world use his products to help better the world. It takes a lot of hardships and determination to be as successful as steve jobs.

Growing up steve wasn 't the typical kid with a normal family. He lived with foster parents. His real parents had abandoned him while he was young. Steve found a quick interest into technology. He grew up in Mountain View California. Steve wasn 't always a social kid growing up but he soon meet a very important friend and partner, Steve Wozniak. Steve and Woz would start to do small experiments. They made a telephone service that allowed you to make free calls around the world. They would soon be on to bigger and better things working on computers and finding ways to make them appealing to an average person. In the Times article “The Man Who Would be Jobs” it explains some of the most important products brought by Apple that they included in the movie. “Instead Sorkin structured the movie as three massive set pieces, each depicting one of Jobs ' major product launches: the Macintosh, the disastrous NeXT in 1988 and finally the triumphant debut of the iMac in 1998.” Grossman, Lev. "The Man Who Would Be Jobs." Time 186.9/10 (2015): 96-99. Academic Search Premier. Web. 14 Nov. 2016. These were just visions for Jobs as a kid. Steve and his team di...

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...ming person to be around but there 's no doubt that he was changed the way we live our lives today. He is an inspiration to everyone around the world. We as people on this earth could be using apple products for the rest of our lives. There 's much to be said about steve. One thing you can say is that he is a hero. In the movie “Advocates of Change” “Advocates of Change: Entrepreneurs,” director. MVD Entertainment Group, 2011, This explains how revolutionary Apple was becoming. Steve wasn 't just about the money. He was more than a billionaire before he even turned 30. The video explains how it takes a lot of passion and hard work to be able to do what Steve did. Steve had plenty of grit and open mindset that allowed him to be great.

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