Stereotyping, Discriminating, And Other Mistakes Essay

Stereotyping, Discriminating, And Other Mistakes Essay

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Stereotyping, Discriminating, and Other Mistakes
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“Institutionalized discrimination is bad for people and for societies. Widespread discrimination is also bad for economies. There is clear evidence that when societies enact laws that prevent productive people from fully participating in the workforce, economies suffer” (Kim, n.d.). Even equipped with this knowledge, companies would still rather take their chances and deny a potentially positive asset full benefits. It is because of stereotyping and discrimination that hold not only companies back from thriving, but the average citizen from being able to live comfortably in today’s economy.
According to the Boundless website, institutional discrimination is defined as, “discrimination embedded in the procedures, policies, or objectives of large organizations” (2016). Some examples of this would be how, in some countries, women are not allowed to vote or drive. They are not even allowed to work certain jobs. This type of discrimination also falls into the category of gender stereotyping, that is unfortunately pretty evident in the workplace, especially in the United States. Every day, the working woman experiences an automatic discrimination when she receives her paycheck. It has been determined some time ago that females are not worthy of equal pay of that of an equal male co-worker, even if they are performing the same exact job with the same exact job title. This is because women are looked at as the “weaker” sex; they are “not capable of” performing the same as a man, or at least “shouldn’t be”. These corporate companies seem to forget that once a woman clocks out, her job still is not done for the day. Most working wome...

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... A lot of people would say “it is easier said than done”, and although that may hold some truth for certain people, most of the time it is because they have just never tried. It all goes along with being open-minded.
Stereotyping and discrimination, especially in the workplace, is evident in every day life. While it may associate with negativity, one thing needs to remain in mind: it is not always one purpose. Most of the time, people stereotype because they do not know any better. They were either taught these behaviors by their parents, or they are just simply mirroring what they see, whether it is from family or society itself. We must keep this in mind, and make it a mission to educate these people rather than berate them. We must use these situations as opportunities to build upon and create something better, rather than just adding to the overall problem.

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